Jon Stewart’s Glenn Beck parody best since Colbert’s Bush send-up

Nov 6, 2009 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Media, Politics

Both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s talents lie in their ability to use intelligence and physical comedy to show they are the masters in the craft.  Whether you agree with their politics or not, what they do can be done by few others.

So Thursday night’s Glenn Beck parody by Jon Stewart was extended, and was without doubt the most biting piece of satire I have seen since Colbert’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner send-up of Bush and the media.  It is more than a parody of Glenn Beck; it’s a parody of textbook demagogy with a slight-of-hand as the sermonizing is about Beck’s health, since he was off the air from appendicitis.  Six minutes in, the humor melts away and as spot-on and brilliant is Stewart’s impression, it’s not funny in the end.

See it to believe it (video below):

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In related news, the Onion News Network reported that a victim in a fatal car accident was tragically not Glenn Beck:

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

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  • I have seen a lot of imitations of Glenn Beck, but, Jon Stewart was definately the best. I give a close second to Cartman.

  • hey really great article :) i best impression ever :)

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