Gene Hackman gay? Anatomy of a rumor

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Is Gene Hackman gay?  No.

Tonight I was watching the premiere of The Cleveland Show, the new Family Guy spin-off, and there was a joke in there about Gene Hackman being gay (because gays are smart and his gay smartness helped him memorize so many lines – lol).

I didn’t know much about Gene Hackman’s personal life, so I wondered if there was some Gerbil-esque rumors floating around.  There aren’t.  It was just a joke.  Hackman’s had fruitful marriages, according to Wikipedia:

Hackman’s first wife was Faye Maltese. They had three children, Christopher Allen, Elizabeth Jean, and Leslie Anne, but the couple divorced in 1986 after 30 years of marriage. In 1991, Hackman married Betsy Arakawa. They live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Betsy is co-owner of an upscale retail home-furnishing store in Santa Fe, called Pandora’s, Inc.

It’s funny how rumors start; I’m not often at the forefront of them.  This reference made just a few nights ago on a television show within a day had people demanding a Yahoo answer on Hackman’s sexuality; this blogger also was receiving these hits for a random post.   His only ‘gay moment’ was after a fender-bender:

The other driver got out of his car and into Hackman’s face. They exchanged heated words until the other driver used an anti-gay epithet. That’s when the 71-year-old actor slugged him, getting in a half-dozen blows before the Volvo passenger kneed him in the groin, dropping Hackman to the ground.

Gene Hackman: not gay.

MacFarlane’s humor is particularly biting satire on American society, and his insertion of this joke on Cleveland had to be designed to show how quickly, and easily, a rumor can spread about anyone, even butch, married Gene Hackman.  It could also be a mirthful poke at Hackman for reacting so violently when he was ostensibly called a fag.

If you, like me, searched for this information, consider yourself played.

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  • Did not search. Will not search. But I wonder when being married was the signal for not being gay.

  • Hasn’t it always been the assumption of good faith that a married man with children is not a gay-in-hiding?

  • Yeah, I’m just watching the pilot and noticed that so I searched. Thank for clearing that up.

  • LOL… the funny thing is i am watching that show while on the computer & the second i heard about that i looked it up aswell. I was in disbelief so had to check it out myself.

  • Naw he’s not gay but I think his boyfriend might be

  • If we know little about Hackman’s background and consider this might be true, why should we consider ourselves played? It’s hardly so outrageous that it might not be true. Underneath this posting there is a homophobe just dying to be heard.

  • hey!….Gene Hackman is known for cruising the Sunset Strip looking for young male hustlers…

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