You are invited to the Waggytail People’s Court victory party!

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Yesterday I, along with Lisa Levy and Little Man, appeared on the People’s Court on behalf of a dog rescue who was being unfairly maligned and sued.  I wrote about the experience on this post.  The short version is that a woman adopted an abused dog from Waggytail Rescue, paid the standard donation, but then discovered–after she had the dog–that a friend of hers had a dog that she could have free.

Treating an abused dog like a piece of luggage, she returned it to the rescue and wanted her donation back. The rescue offered to help her find another match if it didn’t work out, because she had signed a contract that stipulated that the donation was non-refundable, and helps to cover the cost of medical bills for the rescued dogs (for instance, I once fostered a 14 pound dog that had been anally raped by a man – you can’t adopt out a dog with the sorts of medical problems that creates).

The People’s Court judge agreed, and Waggytail won!  Incidentally, the woman who sued?  She received back all of her money via her appearance fee on the show.  In the end, it worked out for everyone, and justice was served.

If you are reading this post and live in New York City, join us at a viewing party where you can see justice working on behalf of those who can’t defend themselves: abused dogs.  Below are the details:

Where:  Whiskey Town bar in the East Village on 3rd Street between Bowery and 2nd Avenue (click here for their website)

When:  Thursday, April 30, 2009.  Party begins at 8:30, viewing of the episode will be at 9:00

Hosts:  Lisa Levy, Holly DeRito and David Shankbone

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  • People are awful. Pickles was a rescue. She was one of a litter of labradoodle puppies that didnt come out with the corkscrew curls. The breeder didn’t think he could sell them for 2 grand a pop, so he decided to shoot the entire litter. A woman in Verona who does rescue drove out with her friends and rescued the dogs on his property…taking all of them from him for a fee of $100 each. I got Pickles from her. The joke is that people still pay a ton of money for dogs with Pickles’ type coat. I can’t imagine shooting a dog because you don’t think you can charge 2000 bucks for it.

  • Samantha–Wow! That is awful. And am I understanding you correctly?

    “taking all of them from him for a fee of $100 each”

    Your friend had to PAY HIM 100 dollars to NOT shoot the dogs?

    If this is true Veronica and friends are truly special people. Also, this is the kind of story that should have been published in the local paper or something. Shame and Name the guy, that way no one would buy ANYTHING from him ever again.

    I’m glad at least one of the puppies got a good home.

  • I do hope that you are able (through FOX NEWS or LARRY KING LIVE or GERALDO or OPRAH or that son of Gloria Vanderbilt… )to expose this whole story with shots of the man and his breeding facilities, his breeding practices and his whereabouts, etc. So many people who are buying dogs from pet stores really have no idea.

  • Red- you are understanding that correctly. This woman had to pay HIM for each dog on his premises or he wouldn’t have given them the dogs.

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