Ambush O’Reilly Factor’s Jesse Watters and win $200

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“Now, the far-left websites fear greatly the vicious guy Jesse Watters.”  – Bill O’Reilly, April 3, 2009.

Feeling scared?  Then relieve your anxiety by Ambush interviewing Jesse Watters wherever you see him.  If you must, wait for him outside of his home, favorite restaurants or outside of Fox News headquarters on 6th Avenue in New York.  And if you Ambush him on an Ambush, you win $100 $200.   If you are being Ambushed and Ambush Jesse Watters back, you still get the money.

Do it the way Jesse does. Here’s a Crooks and Liars video to learn how:

O’Reilly will do anything for ratings, which is why David Letterman called him a “goon.”  It’s not just that O’Reilly blamed the rape-murder of 18 year old Jennifer Moore on the way that she dressed.   It’s that he’s a hypocrite, as Jon Stewart pointed out after Bill O’Reilly criticized the paparazzi (yes, who suck) for invading the privacy of celebrities just to get a photograph.   That’s exactly what O’Reilly and his sicko psycho stalker Jesse Watters do.  Instead of interrupting Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s lives, Watters and O’Reilly focus on bloggers, editors, journalists and judges who are at the grocery store or on weekend getaways. Read what others have to say about these two:

If you see Watters at an event, Ambush him - relentlessly.

If you see Jesse Watters at an event, such as the one at Brown University above, or on an Ambush, Ambush him back relentlessly. Photograph him non-stop. Credit: Oliver Schulze

“Jesse can bring his camera crew anywhere he wants and ask tough questions too, but what’s despicable about his tactics is that he shows up on their private property unannounced or (worse yet) on the private weekend getaways, after stalking them. That’s uncool and out of line and that’s what’s objectionable.” – John Amato, Crooks and Liars

“Amanda Terkel wrote something saying Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t insinuate that girls who drink and wear halter tops had that rape coming, because they are dirty, dirty girls. Who would write such a thing except an anti-American whore? Bill O’Reilly sent his psycho stalker producer, Jesse Watters, to find out.” -Hamilton Nolan, Gawker.

“This weekend, while on vacation, I was ambushed by O’Reilly’s top hit man, producer Jesse Watters, who accosted me on the street and told me that because I highlighted O’Reilly’s comments, I was causing ‘pain and suffering’ to rape victims and their families. He of course offered no proof to back up this claim, instead choosing to shout questions at me.” Amanda Terkel, Think Progress.

What if whenever Jesse Watters ventured on the street, people were waiting to "ambush" him?

What if whenever Jesse Watters ventured on the street, people were waiting to "ambush" him?

“I think my favorite part about ‘The Factor’ is that they have no trouble reconciling their defense of celebrities’ right to privacy with their intimidation of everyone else.”  Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.

“Where’s Jesse Watters?  Find him. Stalk him. Bombard him. You get what you give.” Lawchick,

Ambush interview Jesse Watters.  Keep an eye out for him on the street no matter the town you live in, because he might just be on an ‘Ambush’.   If you ‘Ambush’ Watters on an ‘Ambush’, Shankblog is offering a  $100 $200 gift certificate to the store of your choosing, and we will post your video here.

Ambush him about anything.  About his stalking.  His love life.  Why he styles his hair like a seventeen year-old boy.  Anything that you want to know about Jesse Watters, grab your camera phone, walk up to him and Ambush interview him. 

UPDATE 4/6 – a loyal reader has just doubled the Ambush Jesse Watters bounty.  It is now $200.

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  • We’re not even far left, and we think O’Reilly (and his little puppet, Watters) are disgusting. Feel free to haiku about the evils of O’Reilly & Watters at

  • Anyone else is welcome to contribute to the pot!

  • Put me down for $20 or better yet put up a website – and take paypal donations – I’ll bet you could give $500 for the first 100 legit ambushes of this stupid scum, Jesse Watters – PLEASE – DO IT!
    He wont have a minutes peace in public for months!

  • NPR’s Morning Edition actually tried ambushing Jesse Watters, but it didn’t go very well.

  • How about publishing his home address so we can all visit Jesse some morning and perhaps ambush him while he is taking out his trash? Better yet, let’s get his trash and let everyone know what’s in it.

  • Boy, what an SOB. Jesse Watters, you may never make it to Austin (except to have a tacit sexual affair with our closet-case gay governor Rick Perry), but if you do, you’re getting AMBUSHED!

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