My Israel trip covered in Jewish Week

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 Click the image above to view some of my photography.

Sharon Udasin recently wrote in Jewish Week about my upcoming photography expedition of Israel for the creative commons.  Also on the plane will be the baroness of social media, Tamar Weinberg, and her photographer husband.   The itinerary is not set, but I have requested an interview for Wikinews.  Because the focus is on photography, most of my writing will take place on this blog where I hope to document the experience.  Consul David Saranga in the Israeli Foreign Ministry, who has spear-headed his country’s foray into social media, was instrumental in putting the trip together.

My goal here will be to document not just the monuments and public structures that every tourist documents, but also common, every-day features of life and landscape.  Cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are not crying out for free media (although they can always use more professional-quality shots).  Instead, places like the Arava Valley, the kiryats and the kibbutzes need coverage. 

I want to capture life outside the scope of a rifle.  That not every Israeli is armed, living in rubble or dodging missiles is lost in a media narrative that filters everything through conflict.  The hope is to obtain shots of the country not typically obtained by tourists and photojournalists.  Small town and rural Israel holds all the appeal for me.

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  • woohoo :) Looking forward to meeting you, David! :)

    • You too, Tamar – we’ll have a blast!

  • This is very exciting. I’m looking forward to your perceptions as much as I am to the photographs. I know how to say in Yiddish “go in good health” and I wish I knew how to spell it, so consider it said. :)

  • I agree with how you are approaching this project.

    There has always been a focus on the political/religious strife in Israel.

    I look forward to seeing and reading your personal documentary into the lost beauty and cultures Israel has to offer. A rare opportunity to embrace what the worldwide media has forgotten or rarely shows us.

    • Thanks Bobby – I personally hope to answer in photography the question, “Israel – is that safe?” It was the same concern I had when I went there in December 2007, and was genuinely surprised at how different is the reality of Israel from the one many of us have in our imagination since we only see or hear of the place when there’s war, bombings and conflict. This is, by the way, the same idea and motivation behind this Africa post – that post was actually the introduction to a formal proposal I made to a foundation for a month in Kenya.

  • Thanks Eleanor – and thanks for keeping up with my site. I will try to make the posts from Israel worth your time.

  • I am so happy that you are getting this wonderful opportunity. I cannot wait to see your photos and read your posts while you are there. I have begun to live vicariously through your posts and photos. I am so looking forward to ‘being with you’ in Israel. Thank you so much for the enjoyment this blog and ‘you’ bring me!!!

  • Thanks for posting my article, Dave!! :) This is going to be such an amazing trip; hope you guys have fun — I wish I could come!

  • Geyn gezunterheyt!

  • David,

    I have also been invited by the Israeli consulate on this trip. I look forward to meeting you and helping, in my own way, portray a side of Israel that is rarely seen in traditional media.

  • Looking forward to meeting you, Ely.

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